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Baja Girl Blonde

American Blonde Ale

Not your average blond ale, void of character and body, this beer is a well-rounded example of what the style can be. An “entry level beer”, being light in color and low in alcohol it is a visually approachable beer for those that are not regular craft enthusiasts. However, do not let that fool you as this beer has hints of bread and faint citrus and a flavor that has just a hint of toasted malt that builds body but finishes clean. This is a great all-around, year-round beer.

Just Be Nice

American Amber

A traditional American Amber with roasted notes and a touch of sweetness. This beer is all about the character of the malt with a healthy addition of Munich. The roasted aromas are evident as soon as you pick up the glass but dissipate and give way to the complimenting flavors of caramel and coffee. This beer is the favorite style of and was created for one of our co-founders Mary Strawn and of course she was tasked with naming it. Just Be Nice is one of the core principles of Walter Productions, Phoenix’s own Entertainment Company, and turns out is also a great name for a beer.

Winston’s Pale

ESB / English Pale Ale

A traditional British Style Pale Ale, with distinct differences from it’s American Cousin. ESB is a much more malt forward style with light aromatic and grassy floral notes. Although the bitterness of this beer is somewhat subdued, it plays a supporting role in keeping the sweetness of the malt at bay, creating a very balanced beer. The English Ale Yeast produces just the right amount of esters, or fruitiness, that make this beer much more complex than the name would lead you to believe.

AZ Warrior IPA

American IPA

AZ Warrior is our version of a West Coast IPA and is true to this style with a strong and somewhat pungent hoppy aroma with obvious pine and citrus character. A slight amount of specialty malts such as Vienna, gives a slightly more interesting character and body. It is crisp, hoppy and bitter, just the way an American IPA is supposed to be.

Grapefruit Warrior

American IPA / Fruit Beer

Born from the base recipe of AZ Warrior, this IPA resembles it’s direct relative but quickly deviates with it’s own character in both aroma and taste. As the name implies, this beer has plenty of warrior hops for a West Coast profile but overtaken by ridiculous amounts of grapefruit zest, peel and juice making for a juicy citrus experience. Hop bitterness plays a smaller role in this beer but compliments the grapefruit by just balancing out the overall profile.

Bowl Resin

American Pale Ale

This is a pale ale like no other. Dank and earthy are the first words that come to mind when describing this beer. A strong malt profile is the backbone of this beer and the crazy amount of Idaho 7 hops provide the earthy character that include pine and resinous notes. Some light dryhopping with Lemondrop hops help this beer finish with light stone fruit and citrus flavors. Part pine and part bong water, this is not your average pale ale.

The Skwincher

Tart Blonde

Clean and crisp with just a hint of tartness makes this blond ale perfect for every day and every mood. Built as a session ale, we add bold amounts of grapefruit juice and peel to amp up the refreshing aspect of this beer which give it a slight sourness that is both refreshing and tantalizing. Try this beer if you are undecided as it is both easy drinking and makes for an easy on-ramp to other, more complex styles. Take a growler of this home for sitting by the pool or moving the lawn.

Winter's Coming

Winter / Spiced Seasonal Ale

Bright, cheery and ruby in color makes for a welcoming visual on this beer, but one waft of aroma and you will immediately begin the experience that this beer is. Brewed with cardamom, orange peel, ginger and 60 glorious pounds of Rango Honey, this beer just feels like the holidays. The aromas give way to a slight sweetness from the honey and the spices follow through to make for a truly enjoyable experience for a cool winter or rainy day. Available for a limited time.

Dark Side

Foreign Extra Stout

A medium body stout with pronounced aromas of coffee and slightly burnt notes. Very little hop character, this beer is about the malts that deliver the bold flavors as well as some of the more subtleties of this beer. Look deeper into this beer and you can find some distant floral aromas and hints of chocolate and more earthy characteristics. Higher alcohol perception in this beer gives a warming effect without the heavy mouthfeel of an Imperial and makes for a great beer for sipping and just taking your time to enjoy it.

Heathen's IPA

American IPA

Big and bold, just like it’s namesake, this is an IPA that could almost be it’s own new category. With earthy tones in aroma and flavor that dominate your first senses, this beer finishes surprisingly smooth and with slight floral notes. West Coast in style, this beer quickly deviates from the traditional pine and citrus but keeps the resinous notes that define the style. Named for the Walter Art Vehicle that breathes fire, Heathen’s is a great IPA when you are looking for something that will challenge what you know about American IPA’s.

16th Hole

Scottish Ale / Smoked Ale

Smooth and Malty come to mind when drinking this beer. The hops in this beer play a secondary role to a blend of malts perfectly suited for creating a profile with toasted characteristics that finish slightly dry. We added just a touch of peated malt to this beer to give it a very slight smoke character which traditionalists would find heretical or even disrespectful but a love for deeply peated scotch was the catalyst in deviating from tradition to make a welcome addition to this great style.

Station Session

Session IPA

Intensely hoppy and very “west coast” with burst of pine, resin and citrus makes this beer such a great beer to enjoy without the higher alcohol content of a traditional IPA. As a session this beer is certainly a bolder example, as most session ales fall short of the hop experience or are lacking in any true and full flavors. We wanted a session IPA that felt like you were still drinking an IPA, just a lot more of them. Try this beer year around, it’s great for those looking for something light but will still satisfy the hop head in all of us.