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Visit us here at the station and sample from our latest offerings.

Baja Girl Blonde

American Blonde Ale

Light, crisp and refreshing with slight bready and toasty notes. A great all-around all year beer for any occasion.

Just Be Nice

American Amber

An American Amber with a true malt-forward presence, hints of caramel and roasted coffee.

Winston’s Pale

ESB / English Pale Ale

Traditional British Style Pale Ale, malt-forward style with light aromatic and grassy floral notes.

OG Warrior IPA

American IPA

The OG is our version of a West Coast IPA and is true to this style with a strong and somewhat pungent hoppy aroma with obvious pine and citrus character. 

Grapefruit Warrior

American IPA / Fruit Beer

IPA plenty of warrior hops for a West Coast profile but overtaken by ridiculous amounts of grapefruit zest, peel and juice making for a juicy citrus experience.

Bowl Resin

American Pale Ale

Resinous and tobacco aromas with slight tropical flavors and notes of coconut, pine and hints of bong water.

The Skwincher

Tart Blonde

Clean and crisp with just a hint of tartness from grapefruit makes this blonde ale perfect for every day and every mood. 

Winter's Coming

Winter / Spiced Seasonal Ale

Brewed with cardamom, orange peel, ginger and 60 glorious pounds of Rango Honey, this beer just feels like the holidays. 

Dark Side

Foreign Extra Stout

A medium body stout with pronounced aromas of coffee and slightly burnt notes, very lite hop character.

Heathen's IPA

American IPA

Big and bold, with earthy tones in aroma and flavor this beer finishes surprisingly smooth and with slight floral notes.

16th Hole

Scottish Ale / Smoked Ale

Smooth and Malty, toasted characteristics that finish slightly dry, just a touch of peated malt to this beer to give it a very slight smoke character

Station Session

Session IPA

A bold and highly hopped session IPA for those who want an IPA experience without the traditional higher alcohol content.